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Founder & CEO. Principal Designer

Alain (Al) McCann

Full time Super Villian bent on world domination, who dabbles part time in dark art of architectural design. 

Al brings to each project architectural design carnage on an unprecedented level. Leaving clients shell-shocked and in awe of the shear evil of his creations. As founder of the company and with over 30 years of experience in the architectural design industry, he directs his of band of evil villains in architectural world domination.      

Senior Designer

paul pelland

Full time pirate who travels the open waters with is faithful side kick Gilligan.

When not scavenging for lost treasures, Paul lures unsuspecting clients into a false sense of security by providing them with superior quality design services, before unleashing design decimation on them.

He brings to each project over 30 years of experience in residential design and real estate acquisition. 

Field Technician / Junior Designer

sean whitford

Equipped with an arsenal of reconnaissance tools, Sean gathers highly sensitive information and intel on our clients, which helps us develop a plan of attack to ruthlessly conquer each project.

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